Market Update – Data Through Year End 2012

The Brokerage of the Tetons market report is published at the end of each year to give our client’s and customers an accurate recap of the year in the Jackson Hole real estate market.  Prices held level through most of 2012 with an increase in the number of transactions of over 29% in comparison to 2011 data from this time period. This gain, and the fact that the average price remained level, is good news for the market.   The result of these factors was an increase in dollar volume of sales of over 27%. The most active area of the market in 2012 was the “local” market or that under $1 million.  It appears as though prices in this segment will begin to increase in 2013 if our current trend continues.  There is very little inventory available in this price range but buyers are noticing deals with strong value and jumping on them quickly. 

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What Our Clients Say…

What our clients say…

Meredith and Jamie are a great team and I highly recommend them. They have a strong understanding of the market and work tirelessly to meet your needs.

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