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Local Links
and Information
  • Land Conservation in Jackson Hole
    Preserving and Protecting Open Spaces
  • National Parks and Recreational Opportunities
    Outdoor Activities in Jackson Hole
  • Jackson Hole Maps and Transportation
    Getting Around in Jackson Hole
  • Teton County Schools
    Links and Information to area schools
  • History and Culture
    Past and Present in Jackson Hole
  • Jackson Hole Economy
    Living and Working in Jackson Hole
  • Climate
    Weather and What to Expect in Jackson Hole

Learn More About Jackson Hole Neighborhoods

  • North of Town
    Learn More
  • South of Town
    Learn More
  • Teton Village
    Learn More
  • Town of Jackson
    Learn More
  • West Bank North
    Learn More
  • West Bank South
    Learn More
  • West of Town
    Learn More
  • Wyoming
    Learn More

What Our Clients Say…

What our clients say…

My wife and I recently bought our home in Wilson, WY with the help of Meredith and Jamie. We have used many agents over the years and I felt that both Meredith and Jamie were patient, friendly, helpful, and knowledgable about the area. They are some of the best people we have worked with. It can take a long while to find the right home in Jackson and they are in for the long haul (they love the area and know everything about the neighborhoods) often working for years with families to ensure fit. My experience is that they ensure a perfect fit rather than making quick sales. And, they are fun to work with. I highly recommend both Meredith and Jamie. They will take care of your family. We will use them again.

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