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70% of buying occurs before buyer steps in home.

I just read this on the Teton Board of Realtors website and thought it was interesting info to pass along to anyone considering listing their home:

Martha Webb, instructor of “Positioning Properties to
Compete in the Market” shared that almost 70% of the buying
decision occurs before a buyer even steps foot on a property.
Location and size (bedrooms, baths, square footage, garages.)
account for almost 70% of the initial buying decision, so the
remaining 30% comes from the “feel” of a home.  That is why it is
important to have a house that appears well maintained, clean and… Continue reading

Deals in JH

It is gorgeous here in Jackson Hole.  The colors are spectacular and while it doesn’t exactly feel like fall with these warm temperatures it is beginning to look like fall.  There are some great properties listed in the MLS right now.  In fact, there are 10 properties that are listed for under $200,000 none of which are fractionals.  Additionally, there are 50 single family homes and condos on the market for under $350,000.  For more information or to have us send you the list of properties call Jamie or Meredith.


We want to welcome you to our new website.  Our goal is to have a platform where we can communicate with our customers quickly and effectively.  The site allows us to  feature our company listings as well as search the MLS for all area listings, promote ourselves and this beautiful Valley we call home.  We hope that you find it hepful as you search for property in Jackson Hole. 

What Our Clients Say…

What our clients say…

My wife and I recently bought our home in Wilson, WY with the help of Meredith and Jamie. We have used many agents over the years and I felt that both Meredith and Jamie were patient, friendly, helpful, and knowledgable about the area. They are some of the best people we have worked with. It can take a long while to find the right home in Jackson and they are in for the long haul (they love the area and know everything about the neighborhoods) often working for years with families to ensure fit. My experience is that they ensure a perfect fit rather than making quick sales. And, they are fun to work with. I highly recommend both Meredith and Jamie. They will take care of your family. We will use them again.

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