Buyers Agency Compared

Services Provided Intermediary Client  
Buyers Agent Client
Providing advise and counsel 0 X
Pointing out reasons certain properties may not be appropriate 0 X
Promoting your best interest 0 X
Passing on information to enhance your bargaining agreement 0 X
Assisting you to form contract in your best interest 0 X
Negotiating best price for you 0 X
Arranging showings X X
Providing accurate information X X
Explaining forms X X
Assisting with financing X X
Monitoring escrow and closing X X
What Our Clients Say…

What our clients say…

Meredith and Jamie have done a great job for us. They were VERY creative and dogged in finding us a fantastic long-term rental in Jackson Hole. They have also done an excellent job keeping us apprised of the market, as we consider buying. I have referred several friends to them for vacation rentals, and everyone has been very pleased.

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